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Pulkit from Grade 6 Blue had participated in 8th UCMAS National Competition on 22.08.2015 at Kempton Park. UCMAS Learners participated at different levels from South Africa and other SADC Countries.


Pulkit’s performance is as below:
- First Place in Grand Level (Highest level of UCMAS) for Mental Arithmetic National Competition
- UCMAS National Champion in Mental Arithmetic Listening National Competition solving sums up to 1 Digits/ 45 Rows and 3 Digits/ 5 Rows by answering in 3 seconds.
- Participated in YouTube recording for UCMAS.


In addition to it, he will be representing South Africa at International UCMAS Competition to be held in New Delhi during 5-6 Dec, 2015.





The Mandela Day Celebration

Our event was held on the last day of Term 2 (26 June 2015) as 18th July falls on the school holidays. The whole school from pre-primary to College gathered at the school hall and held hands for 67 seconds in a gesture of respect.There were various activities which included a play, poetry, songs and dance; there was a definite feeling of being proudly South African and being part of Mandela's legacy. Learners were encouraged to remember Nelson Mandela’s philosophy and to serve others in order to make a better life for all.